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81 year old bride

81-Year-Old Falls In Love With Older Man Immediately And They Decide They Can’t Live Apart

Love is often a fickle thing, and it can be hard to capture it or describe it. But many of us are creatures that...
jimmy buffett margaritaville retirement homes

Jimmy Buffett Opened Margaritaville Retirement Homes And They’re Gorgeous

What crosses your mind when you think of being retired? You might think of living a calm, quiet, and peaceful life in a gentle suburbia,...
mom headaches tapeworm eggs

Mom Suffers From Constant Headaches For Months ‘Til Doctors Look At Scan To Find Tapeworm Eggs

Parasitic creatures are no laughing matter. Small and persistent, these parasites have evolved over millennia to adapt to its desired host’s bodies. We have gotten...
garrett mattias own obituary

‘See ya later, suckers’: 5-Year-Old Writes His Own Obituary And Says Goodbye In His Own Way

The loss of a child is always one that is utterly heartbreaking, no matter at what age and the relational distance between yourself and...

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