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dog groomer kills canine client

Dog Groomer Kicks And Chokes Canine Client To Death While Employees Look On

Most of us hate to hear about animal cruelty and cringe when we are faced with the stories. However, what is worse is when the...
infection after microblading eyebrows

Woman Gets Terrible Infection After Microblading Her Eyebrows

A woman who does not want her identity revealed experienced a severe infection after performing microblading on her eyebrows. Unfortunately, the process didn’t go...
parakeet peek a boo cat

Owner Sees Parakeet Playing Peek-A-Boo With Neighbor’s Cat And Grabs The Camera

In a classic case of neighborly deeds gone wrong, a pretty parakeet named Oscar has been riling his neighbor, George. Oscar is an Indian Ringneck...
Raphael Samuel sue parents

Man Decides To Sue His Parents For Conceiving Him Without His Consent

If there is one thing that responsible parents can agree on, raising a child well is not an easy task. Any parenting expert will tell...

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