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5 sick and bald puppies

5 Very Sick And Bald Puppies Rescued From The Side Of The Road Wouldn’t Stop Kissing Their Rescuers

While driving down a road in Vineland, New Jersey, a Good Samaritan spotted a saddening and shocking sight. Cuddled up on the roadside were five...
australia prevent plastic pollution

Australia Has Found A Way To Prevent Plastic From Polluting Water And We Can Start Doing The Same

Plastic pollution is a real threat not only to humans but also to wildlife. While we try our best to not litter the environment,...
jack and coke popsicles

This Summer’s Coolest Adult Treats Are Definitely Jack And Coke Popsicles

Summer is the perfect season for popsicles! Usually, kids get to eat their fill of these delicious treats. But it doesn’t have to all be...
teachers donate 100 sick days

Teachers Band Together To Donate 100 Sick Days So Coworker Can Take Care Of His Baby

Kinsley hadn’t even turned one year old when her parents, David and Megan Green, received tragic news on her state of health. It was all...

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