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Elderly Woman Spends Pension On Hunky Butlers To Serve Dinner At Her Care Home

Many people make the mistake of associating getting older with losing a sense of humor and fun. But don’t worry! Not only is this...
unhealthy school lunch

Mom Is Baffled When School Lunch She Packed For Son Is Sent Back Home For Being ‘Unhealthy’

With the recent buzz about how rates of obesity and other health-related diseases are on the rise in an increasingly younger demographic of children,...
autistic boy dragged school

Mother Outraged By Footage Of Her Autistic Son Being Dragged Through School

Between bullying, studies, and the difficulty that is learning how to be an adult, life as a child can be hard enough as it...
Jacob Miller heaviest teenager

At 715 Pounds He Was The Heaviest Teen In The World. Now Try Not To Gasp When You See Him Today

In today’s world, it is easier than ever to gain weight. Thanks to a combination of the sedentary lifestyles we are forced to live...

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