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fireman with down syndrome quits

Fireman With Down Syndrome Quits After Excessive Bullying, Then His Family Speaks Up

People can react so excessively and strangely towards those who are different than them. What’s so baffling about this is how those differences rarely ever...
sister brother sings elvis classic

Brother And Sister Sang A Gorgeous Duet And The Internet Is Going Wild

The musical talent you find on social media platforms across the world is nothing short of mind-blowing. The sheer creativity, skill, and raw ability that...
prison inmates save baby girl

Prison Inmates Break Open An SUV To Try Save A Baby Girl Trapped Inside

We all know the dangers of leaving someone alone in a car with no air-conditioning on a warm day. Temperatures can quickly skyrocket, even in...
school bullies- eave teen with severe injuries

School Bullies Leave Teen With Fractured Skull And Severe Brain Injury Leaving Him Unable To Walk Or Talk

Bullying is a very serious and widespread problem. It can have severe effects on a child or teen’s self-esteem and mental health. Even worse, some...

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