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72 year old woman gives birth

72-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy And Becomes One Of The Oldest Mothers In The World

Daljinder Kaur wanted to have a baby with her husband and decided to go through the fertility treatment process in 2014, not anticipating the...
2 men cleared of rape

2 Men Cleared Of Rape Charges Because Judge Ruled Their Victim Was Too Ugly

Sometimes, people are cleared of the charges that they face when they go to court if there is a lack of evidence. The reason behind...
old woman saved by neighbor dog

87-Year-Old Woman Saved By Neighbor’s Dog After Falling Down In The Snow

When winter rears its chilly head, the inclement weather brings with it some dangerous elements. From slippy roads to frostbite, the perils of winter...
adopt shelter dog

13 Things We Realized Only After We Adopted A Shelter Dog

If you're thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter, there are a few things that you should know. The decision is one that will...

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