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numbers on egg carton

Here’s Why You Should Always Pay Attention To Those Numbers On Your Egg Carton

It’s rare to come across a single home in America that doesn’t make use of eggs in the kitchen. They’re inexpensive and have countless uses,...
bullying suicide dolly

Girl Kills Herself Age 14 – Her Dad Invites Her BuIIies To The Funeral Through A Heartbreaking Facebook Post

It is always a heartbreaking thing to witness the death of a child. It is even worse when it is one that took her...
winter coat car seat dangerous

Why Putting A Winter Coat On A Baby Before Strapping Them In A Car Seat Is Dangerous

While keeping warm in cold weather is always a problem regardless of your individual cold tolerance level, it is even more of a problem...
teacher slap student face

When Her Son Came Home And Told His Mom What The Teacher Did, She Demanded They Be Thrown In Jail

Education is an undeniably important thing. The school, as an institution, is one of the fundamental ways in which we teach our children the...

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