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folding a fitted sheet

Woman’s Hilarious Method For Folding A Fitted Sheet Instantly Goes Viral

Terri Metz isn't fond of folding sheets. In fact, she understands the collective hatred that people feel towards these fitted sheets. It is nearly impossible to...
poachers smile and laugh leopard

Cruel Poachers Smile And Laugh While Holding Dead Rare Leopard

Photos are the best way to capture memories while on vacation. While most people will take a selfie near the ocean or a group...
sexual assault of 17-month-old

Sexual Assault Of 17-Month-Old Girl Proves Fatal At Virginia Hotel

The mother of 17-month-old Nariah Ivy Brown reports that her daughter was sexually assaulted by a man she asked to care for her in...
man throws dog 50-feet

Camera Catches Man Allegedly Throwing Dog 50 Feet High Into The Air

Local authorities are currently investigating a horrifying video that was shared thousands of times across social media platforms on Tuesday. In the video, it allegedly...

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