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soldier Brooks Lindsey

Airport Employees See Soldier Crying While On The Phone Then Hear “Don’t Let Him Board”

Mississippi soldier Brooks Lindsey was rushing to board a plane so that he could be by his wife Haley's side while she gave birth. Unfortunately,...
abandoned shops turned into homes

Woman Lives In Oldest Mall In America After 48 Deserted Shops Are Turned Into Homes

You've probably seen empty buildings turned into apartments or other useful businesses for the community. Something that you might not have seen is a mall...
pizza hut abuse comment

Woman Begs Boyfriend To Let Her Order Pizza And Writes Note About His Abuse In The Comments

Cheryl Treadway knew that she had to do something to alert others about her boyfriend's actions at home. His behavior was unimaginable and uncontrollable. One...
ups driver rescue woman

UPS Driver Helps Save Woman Being Held Captive After Seeing ‘Call 911’ Scribbled On Package

Domestic bliss, while a lovely concept, isn’t evident in most homes. The notion rings deafeningly true for James and his wife, an unhappily married couple...

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