abandoned shops turned into homes

You’ve probably seen empty buildings turned into apartments or other useful businesses for the community.

Something that you might not have seen is a mall being used for an apartment. That’s what happened to the oldest mall in the United States.

When Evan Granoff started thinking about how hard it can be for some people to find a home and how difficult it is to pay for rent in a large city, he had an idea for his mall.

He decided to transform the stores in the mall into affordable apartments that would be cozy and comfortable for residents.

Even though they are a bit smaller than those that you might normally find in a large city, people have been snatching them up left and right.

The Arcade was built in 1829. After several years of declining business, the mall closed in 2008 and wasn’t opened again like it was before.

The building was declared a national landmark in 1976, but it’s now an apartment complex as well.

There are about 48 spaces in the mall for people to live in, most that are less than 1,000 square feet.

Loft apartments have been designed on the upper floors of the mall. On the lower levels, there are a few businesses that have opened up including a coffee shop, a few restaurants, and retail stores that offer clothing and accessories.

For people who have a desire to live in a small space, this mall is a dream come true as it offers not only a place to live but a few places to shop and eat as well.

Those who don’t like to get out of their homes and travel in the city enjoy being able to get what they need in the mall without venturing outdoors.

There are a few basics offered in each apartment, such as a bed, a dresser, a refrigerator, and a few chairs.

Since the mall is considered a rooming house, similar to a hotel, stoves and other cooking appliances can’t be used in the apartments.

However, microwaves and small appliances can be used that aren’t technically considered devices used for primary sources of cooking.

Some of the people who live in the apartments enjoy the space because it’s close to the offices and other businesses in the city, making it easier to go to work and come home after a long day instead of traveling for a long time.