About Us

There’s a fire in your belly to get healthy and into the best shape of your life.

As a true advocate for health and overall wellness, it is our job at Health Sumo to help women develop into the brightest and most beautiful versions of themselves through exercise, nutrition and beauty regimens that work.

Our Idea

Our idea with Health Sumo is to create a helpful outlet for women to utilize when they are in need of information concerning nutrition, exercise, weight loss, beauty and healthy recipes.

We want women to feel good about themselves and to live the healthiest that they ever imagined. Our team of writers have worked with many women who have finally realized the potential of their health goals and we encourage them to live more fulfilling lives.

Our Beginning

As a team of writers, health coaches and speakers, Health Sumo started out by realizing that there was a gap in the market for a solid, helpful site that not only encouraged women to live healthier lives, but gave them the information and tools in order to make this a reality.

We understand how hard it is to try to get into a healthy routine on your own without the right motivation, information and support. Our team has been in that position before and we know how isolated you may feel on your journey to better health.

We are here to provide supportive coaching and informative tools to extend your weight loss and health goals.

Our Mission

Our simple mission is to provide coaching and information to women who want to lose weight, live healthy and get into the best shape of their lives. This can be done through the exercise regimens, nutrition data and recipes posted on our site.

The goal is to provide a one-stop resource for individuals who are tired of feeling run down and do not like the way that they look. Through the information our writers present, Health Sumo guides health conscious and passionate women out of living in fear and uncertainty so that they can feel the best they have in years and into the lives and careers that they desire.