boy life saving advice

Sometimes the best you can do as a parent is advise your kids and tell them the best way to get out of a dangerous situation.

12-year-old Duncan was almost kidnapped by a stranger. He was lucky because he remembered what his dad has told him and managed to escape from the weirdo.

It was just like any other for day for Duncan. He had just come from visiting his cousin in Utah and was on his way back home.

As he walked back home, he noticed a strange man that had parked his car by the roadside.

He looked at Duncan and tried to offer him candy. Since his parents had told him never to accept anything from strangers, Duncan refused and continued walking home.

Things got out of hand when the man angrily walked out of his vehicle and went after Duncan. He caught the boy’s shirt and started dragging him towards his car.

The street wasn’t very crowded so there was no one to help Duncan. He had to think fast. He remembered the self defense advice his dad had given him.

Duncan’s dad had told him that if he ever sensed as if someone he doesn’t know was going to take him away, he should do whatever he can to break free.

Some of the things that he was told he could do was biting, scratching, punching, and running away as fast as he could.

Duncan calmed himself down and went along with the man’s pulling. He had a set of keys in his hand. He carefully took the key ring and placed it in between the knuckles.

Then, he waited for the man to turn and look at what he was doing. That was when Duncan gathered all his strength and punched the man so hard that he let him go.

Duncan ran as fast as he could to a nearby park and took refuge behind one of the rocks.

The strange man got into his car and drove to the park to look for Duncan. However, he drove off after a while out of fear of getting caught.

Duncan stayed hidden behind the rock for almost half an hour before rushing home to meet his folks and tell them what had happened.

They were shocked, but also glad that their son made it back home in one piece.

Duncan’s parents are urging other guardians to teach their children the importance of being aware and defending themselves from strangers.

The police have increased patrol in the area and are looking for the man believed to be in his 30s.

They also describe him as having a tattoo on the neck and driving an old four-door sedan.

Parents be aware.