broadway actor letter autistic child

Broadway actors must contribute an incredible amount of their time and energy to getting their performances down pat just right.

They train for years in some cases just to get one particular show that they are doing to go the way that they want it to.

It is an intense line of work to say the least, and a lot of those on Broadway take themselves very seriously.

At the same time, you just never know what is going to happen when you get up on stage.

Kelvin Moon Loh is a Broadway actor who was recently putting on a performance of the famous play “The King And I” when something unexpected happened.

Kelvin Moon Loh
Kelvin Moon Loh / Facebook

In the middle of the performance the actor was interrupted by the shouting of a member of the audience.

It turned out that the person shouting was a child, and it was not immediately clear what the nature of the disruption was all about.

It wasn’t until later that it was revealed that the child suffers from autism.

As the event was happening some members of the audience were visibly angry with what was going on.

Some members of the audience had spent as much as six-thousand dollars to see this show, and they did not appreciate that there was an interruption.

However, Kelvin Moon Loh had a bigger message for those who were angry as well as for anyone who suffers from autism who might want to see the show.

Loh sent a letter to the parents of the child as well as posted it out for the whole world to see.

What he wanted to say was that he was upset not at the outburst of the child, but at the reactions of those who attended the show.

He stated that he wanted to know when those who love theater so much had become so concerned with their own comfort while watching the show that they lost compassion for others.

It was a heartfelt letter that caused many to reconsider what their priorities were.

He went on to say that he felt compassion for the mother who was clearly trying to calm her child back down again and that he would happily redo the entire show or refund the ticket prices of those who were so upset with what had happened.

By and large, Loh was simply disgusted that so many had lost their sense of compassion for the situation.