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ice cube burger patty
We have all seen friends and family grilling burger patties at a barbeque party at least once or twice. For most people, this is a staple at many family gatherings. It is very likely that you are the one in charge of flipping those patties in the first place! Because these burgers tend to be one of the main dishes at...
apple cider vinegar gummies
If you're wondering what to snack on after you've just had your dinner, apple cider vinegar probably isn't your first choice. And that's not surprising - how should you be expected to enjoy something that feels so sour and unpleasant? But there are so many health benefits to ACV that it's really hard to miss up on! And with this great...
how to soften hard brown sugar
Hard brown sugar can be a real pain, especially if you need some immediately for cooking or baking. Brown sugar has a tendency to harden easily because each individual grain is coated with molasses. This is a very, very thin layer that causes the crystals of sugar to glide against each other easily, so they feel nice and soft. But being...

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