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Weight loss pills and drinks have flooded the supplement market in recent years. Many of these products promise almost overnight results. But most of these have little research to back up those claims.

But one has proven to be a useful fat-loss supplement for years: Hydroxycut.

With a blend of ingredients, Hydroxycut can help burn fat and increase metabolism.

Interested in Hydroxycut and want to see if it may work for you? Keep reading to see why Hydroxycut is one of the most popular weight-loss supplements.

What Is Hydroxycut?

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Hydroxycut is a blend of tried-and-proven ingredients that aid in weight loss. It’s also sold as “Hydroxycut: ProClinical,” but the elements are the same.

Below is a list of the primary ingredients used in Hydroxycut:

  • Caffeine
  • Lady’s mantle extract
  • Vitamin B complexes
  • Wild olive extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Komijn extract
  • Wild mint extract

Other minor ingredients are used in this weight loss drug, as well. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and other vitamin and minerals make up a small amount of the drug.

However, these ingredients haven’t been proven to boost weight loss. They’re just included for extra health benefits.

How Does Hydroxycut Work?

Unlike other weight loss drugs on the market, Hydroxycut has been well studied.

Researchers found that caffeine was the main reason the drug was able to boost weight loss. Researchers also noted that some of the medicine’s herbal ingredients helped curb appetite.

This feeling of fullness was why participants ate less while taking the medication.

Interestingly enough, results also depended on when the drug was taken. Participants who used Hydroxycut in the morning and evening showed more significant weight loss than those who used it once a day.

This difference is because of how the caffeine in the drug affects the body. The caffeine boosted metabolism throughout the day, rather than in one single spurt.

Hydroxycut was also proven to be a mild diuretic. The proper dosage of Hydroxycut encourages the body to get rid of its glycogen reserves.

And because glycogen holds onto “water weight,” participants experienced a significant loss of that bodily water after taking Hydroxycut over 60 days.

To achieve the best results, take Hydroxycut when doing a low-calorie diet and on a regular workout routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Hydroxycut?

The most popular benefits of Hydroxycut is the weight loss it can cause. But aside from weight loss, Hydroxycut also helped in a bevy of other ways.

Here are some of the other benefits of taking Hydroxycut:

It Makes You Feel Fuller For Longer

Research users and research participants reported feeling fuller for longer. For some people, this meant the need for snacking diminished, as well.

It Can Cut Your Cravings

Because of Hydroxycut affect your appetite, it can help with food cravings. Some even reported that cravings for things like soda had diminished after taking Hydroxycut.

It Can Make Working Out Easier

Users who took Hydroxycut before working out reported having more energy during exercise. This increase in strength is likely because of the caffeine content in Hydroxycut.

Nevertheless, it’s a welcomed benefit of taking this supplement drug.

It Helps To Increase Fat Loss

Just because the number on the scale went down, it doesn’t mean you lost fat. In fact, you can hold up 8lb of water weight at any time. However, Hydroxycut helps to increase fat metabolism.

By taking Hydroxycut, you can rest assured you’re not just losing water weight, but also fat.

It Can Boost Your Motivation To Lose More Weight

Because of how fast it works, Hydroxycut motivates you to continue losing weight. People report weight loss plateaus as being the reason why they chose to give up on their positive diet and exercise changes.

By taking Hydroxycut, you can steam past those plateaus and keep your spirits high to lose more weight.

It Increases Your Resting Metabolism

Even when you’re not working out, Hydroxycut helps raise your resting metabolism. This means you’ll be burning more calories throughout the day when taking Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut was also shown to increase a person’s metabolism while they were working out, too. This lead to even more calories burned during every workout.

It Gets Rid Of Stubborn Water Weight

Hydroxycut can also help get rid of excess water weight. While this is great in the short term, this weight can come back when not taking the drug.

But if you’re looking to hit a certain number on the scale, this is a welcomed benefit.

What Results Can Hydroxycut Give You?

Throughout various studies, research participants who used the drug reported on average 11 lbs of weight loss over 60 days. These results were achieved by using Hydroxycut with a low-calorie diet.

In a test group, participants given a placebo showed much less weight loss than those given the drug. In fact, the “placebo group” only lost an average of 3lbs. That’s a difference of 8 lbs loss between the two groups over the same time frame.

Given the research and anecdotal accounts are given on Hydroxycut, it’s clear it’s a great weight loss aide.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is a stimulant drug that helps encourage fat loss. Because it does contain stimulants, taking Hydroxycut does come with side effects. Below are a few of the most prominent ones:

It Can Keep You Awake

Because of the caffeine level in Hydroxycut, some users have reported trouble sleeping. Those who took Hydroxycut more often but also worked out showed no loss in sleep quality.

If you’re concerned about Hydroxycut getting in the way of your sleep, take only in the morning.

It Can Raise Your Blood Pressure

Users of Hydroxycut have noted spikes in the blood pressure after taking the drug. This is, again, because of the stimulant ingredients Hydroxycut contains.

It Can Cause You To Be Irritable

Some users and research participants noted feeling irritable after taking Hydroxycut. Researchers and other experts attribute this to the caffeine levels in the drug.

However, this irritability only lasted for a few hours after taking the medication.

It Can Make You Dehydrated

Like we said before: Hydroxycut acts as both a fat loss aid and diuretic. Because of this, it’s important to stay hydrated while taking the drug. You may notice your urine will darken while taking Hydroxycut, too.

Consider keeping water on you at all times to drink. Also, make sure you drink ample water before working out when taking Hydroxycut.

It Can Cause You To Feel Dizzy

Again, because of the caffeine content in Hydroxycut, it can make some users feel light headed. If you’re prone to dizziness, take Hydroxycut in conservative amounts.

If you’re still feeling OK after those small doses, you can build up to see how your body handles the recommended amount of Hydroxycut.

It Can Interfere With Other Medications.

Hydroxycut proprietary herbal blend isn’t well studied, as of now. It could cause problems when combined with certain medications.

If you’re on certain prescribed drugs, consult with your doctor before taking Hydroxycut. He or she will have the professional know-how to tell you if Hydroxycut is right for you.

Is Hydroxycut Safe?

While studies have been done on its effectiveness, no studies have shown how safe Hydroxycut is. The product itself has been available for over 20 years. And in those two-plus decades, it has been reformulated several times.

Primarily, these reformulations were due to safety concerns. Initially, Hydroxycut contains ephedra, which has been banned in the U.S. in 2004. But the problems for Hydroxycut didn’t stop there.

A few years after ephedra was taken out, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning not to take Hydroxycut products in 2009. This occurred after several serious health problems came to the surface, and were reported to the FDA.

After that warning came out, Hydroxycut was introduced a year later with a new formula. However, even this “new and improved” formula wasn’t without dangers.

Since the original formula was presented, several health reports on its adverse side effects have been published.  Most of these concerns included the following:

  • Increased liver toxicity in some patines was seen after taking Hydroxycut
  • Instances of ulcerative colitis were reported after taking Hydroxycut.
  • Worsening instances of IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) were reported after taking Hydroxycut
  • Certain heart conditions like aerobic spasm were observed after taking Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut is, indeed, a useful weight loss supplement. However, it could potentially put your health at risk. Before taking Hydroxycut, consult with your doctor.

What Do Hydroxycut Reviews Say About The Supplement?

Most consumers report great success using Hydroxycut as a weight loss supplement. Significant weight loss was achieved when using it in combination with diet and exercise.

Users also said that the weight was kept off they stopped taking the drug when followed by a healthy lifestyle.

However, the medical community is still on the fence about Hydroxycut. A handful of professional doctors think it’s OK to use for up to six weeks. Others are a bit more skeptic because of the numerous side effects it can cause.

Because of its mixed reviews, see a doctor before taking Hydroxycut. This feedback will make sure you’re not at risk of any specific side effects the drug can cause.

Also, this consultation will let you know how you’ll respond well to other like-formula stimulants as well.

How Do You Take Hydroxycut?

Before taking this weight loss aide, read through the dosing instructions on the box.

Depending on your sex and size, it will vary from person to person. But regardless of how many pills you’ll need to dose, take on a full stomach and with a glass of water.

You should never take more than four pills in a 24-hour period. Make sure you’re drinking at least 10 cups of water while taking the drug, as well. To avoid insomnia, don’t take Hydroxycut five hours before you want to go to bed.

Who Shouldn’t Take Hydroxycut?

Although Hydroxycut has profound weight loss benefits, it’s not for everyone. Here’s a list of the most common reasons why you shouldn’t take Hydroxycut.

  • You’re under the age of 18.
  • You’re pregnant.
  • You’re nursing.
  • You have a history of heart problems.
  • You suffer from liver and kidney diseases.
  • You have prostate issues.
  • You have testicular problems.
  • You ’re going through chemotherapy or other cancer-related treatments.

Again, these are the most common reasons why you shouldn’t take Hydroxycut.

It’s best to consult your doctor before starting any supplement, including Hydroxycut. He or she will be able to give you a definitive answer if a stimulant like Hydroxycut is safe for you to take.

What Else Should You Know About Hydroxycut Before Taking it?

Before you go taking Hydroxycut, you may want to know a few other quirks about the drug. For one, it’s not meant to be a permanent solution to your weight loss. At most, it’s recommended to be taken only for 60 days straight.

After that period, it’s advised to stop using Hydroxycut for a few months. Taking Hydroxycut over an extended period can increase the chances of unwanted side effects occurring.

It’s best to use Hydroxycut as a catalyst for your weight loss efforts. Hydroxycut can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle. But shouldn’t continually be taken.

Once you’ve lost the weight, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to keep it off.

Also, it should be known that Hydroxycut affects everyone differently. You could lose more or less than the average 11bs lost using it for 60 days.

The side effects, too, can change some, but not all. For these reasons, you need to observe your body while taking the drug.

Take note things like dizziness, stomach pains, and general unease. These could be signs you have side effects to Hydroxycut. You should stop taking immediately. If things don’t improve, see your doctor ASAP.

Final Thoughts On Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is one of the most well-known supplement drugs on the market. Now having been around for 20-plus years, it’s backed by legions of devoted consumers.

Many users have said this supplement has changed their lives. They also say that taking Hydroxycut encouraged them to keep a healthy lifestyle, even after weaning off the supplement.

But, Hydroxycut isn’t without its shortcomings. Side effects are commonly reported while taking Hydroxycut. And depending on your past or current health issues, you might not be able to take Hydroxycut at all.

But our thought on Hydroxycut is this: This supplement is a great way to jumpstart weight loss. But it’s by no means not meant to be a permanent solution.

Consider using Hydroxycut as a springboard to future weight loss. And like we’ve mentioned before, it can be the needed push to sticking a healthy lifestyle.

All in all, Hydroxycut is a stimulant drug that should be used with an air of caution. But there’s no denying that it can produce phenomenal weight loss results.


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