Gabriella Papadkis and Guillaume Cizeron

Dance of any kind is an intense sport- one that uses many different muscle groups and requires impeccable timing and rhythm.

Combine that with a large sheet of ice and you’ve got one difficult task on your hands.

Figure skating is the definition of an all-consuming sport.

It takes severe discipline, talent, and hours of practice to perfect the spins, lifts, and twists required to put together a beautiful performance.

Gabriella Papadkis and Guillaume Cizeron are no strangers to hard work.

Gabriella Papadkis and Guillaume Cizeron

As some of the most decorated figure skaters in the sport- winning a silver medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics and multiple gold medals and championships from other competitions- they have earned their spot at the top of the figure skating world.

They’re used to putting flawless performances together.

When they took the ice recently- Gabriella donning a flowing crimson gown and Guillaume looking dapper in black slacks and a black shirt- they were ready to wow the crowd.

As soon as the first strains of the popular Ed Sheeran song, “Perfect,” began to play, the crowd was mesmerized.

Gabriella Papadkis and Guillaume Cizeron

The pair effortlessly moved across the ice, almost as if they were floating above it.

The two worked in tandem, their bodies ebbing and flowing along to the beat of the music.

Flawless turns, heart-pounding lifts, and synchronized spins had the crowd enthralled throughout the entire performance.

As they finished to an enthusiastic round of applause, the professional figure skating pair beamed proudly- pleased with their performance.

Watch for yourself to witness the undisputed elegance that these figure skaters epitomize.

Their talent will leave you breathless, giving you chills from the very beginning to the end of their impeccable performance.