hang glider harness not attached

Extreme sports can be exciting, but it takes a very particular kind of person to be into that kind of activity.

To make the decision to use your rare spaces of free time to get yourself into incredibly dangerous situations or potentially life-altering stunts, you’ve got to really love what you do.

Why do some people gravitate towards extreme sports while others don’t? It comes down to adrenaline.

Many extreme sports trigger the body’s natural fight or flight response, which comes out when the body and brain believe it is in a dangerous situation.

This causes a huge rush of adrenaline to pump through one’s blood.

For some, this provides an exhilarating rush that they want to repeat again and again. For others, it’s nothing short of terrifying and they’d much rather leg it and get out of there!

It’s safe to say that people who like extreme sports probably have an extra courage gene or something.

With that being said, we’ve heard countless horror stories about people who do these sorts of activities and wind up severely injured, only narrowly cheating death by the skin of their teeth, or losing their lives in shocking ways.

It’s a good enough reason for many of us to stay away, or to stick to extreme sports that are carefully monitored by professionals with safety gear aplenty!

Image Credit: Gursk83

Chris Gursky is one of these people who enjoys extreme sports – though we’re not sure to what extent exactly.

All we know is that he’s one of those people who thought it sounded very fun to try hang-gliding for the first time while on a vacation in beautiful Switzerland!

He was with his family and it was his first day of the trip.

Gursky was being attended to by a guide, preparing to begin his hang-gliding experience, and things seemed fine when they took off – but the guide had made a severe error.

Gursky’s harness was left unstrapped, and as they rose off the ground, Gursky slowly began to slip.

Image Credit: Gursk83

The guide quickly realized what the issue was and tried to do everything he could in order to get them back onto solid, safe ground as quickly as possible, holding onto Gursky’s harness as tightly as he could while he attempted to fly with just one hand.

Still, they were soaring very, very high above ground for a long, long time!

Image Credit: Gursk83

What followed was an absolutely terrifying couple of minutes where Gursky tried to hold on for dear life.

Luckily, when he was finally not able to hold on anymore, they were close enough to the ground for him to avoid certain death!

Image Credit: Gursk83

Gursky would up with a fragmented distal radius fracture and underwent surgery involving a titanium plate and seven screws.

He also tore his left bicep due to how long he was holding his own weight, but he jokes that it was certainly better than the alternative.

Despite his life-or-death experience, Gursky isn’t put off hang-gliding forever.

In fact, he wants to try it again next time, because he didn’t get the proper experience the first time! Hats off to this brave man!

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