Haven hopes to be adopted

A 17-year old teenager named Haven has been in the foster care of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services since 2014.

But now the Oklahoma City teen is looking for a miracle, hoping for a family who will permanently adopt him before he ages out of the state’s foster care system.

Haven admits that his dream at times seems hopeless, but that doesn’t deter him from holding fast to his other dream of joining the military one day to make a difference in the world.

He is currently a member of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

His current living situation, in a shelter with four other foster children, is far from ideal.

He wants to feel confident and independent, rather than frustrated and limited, and hopes to soon apply for a driver’s permit.

Haven is hoping against hope that a family willing to adopt him makes an application prior to his 18th birthday this October when he will age out of the system without ever having found a permanent family.

Social worker Tom Peterson can be reached at (405) 325-9398 for anyone who thinks they can provide Haven with loving support and guidance as he begins his journey into becoming a young adult.

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