Mike Weirsky lottery

Winning the lottery should be a good thing that would happen in someone’s life.

For Mike Weirsky, his lottery dream turned into a nightmare, at least for a short time.

About 20 years ago, Mike proposed to his girlfriend at the time. Mike and Eileen were at a convenience store when he popped the question.

Unfortunately, the couple divorced early in 2019 after being married for 15 years.

They disagreed on money habits, and finances seemed to be a big issue for the couple.

Eileen was a hard worker and made most of the money in the relationship, so when the couple divorced, she was ordered to pay Mike alimony for at least the next five years.

As March rolled around, the Mega Millions lottery winning name was revealed. The ticket had been sold in New Jersey.

It was also sold at the same store where Mike and Eileen had got engaged. When Eileen learned that Mike won the lottery of $273 million, she was stunned.

Since Mike has so much money now, Eileen doesn’t think that she has to pay alimony any longer.

Eileen doesn’t want him back just because he has money. Mike doesn’t care about her feelings after winning the lottery.