mom sells stillborn crib

For a parent, the loss of a child is an agonizing, heartbreaking experience.

It’s an incomprehensible pain that no one except those who go through it will ever be able to truly understand.

A woman from Cokato named Valerie Watts knows the immense pain that this heart-shattering event can leave behind all too well.

Valerie was beyond ecstatic when she found out that she was pregnant. She longed to meet her son and build her family and was thrilled to soon become a mother.

She didn’t care about the morning sickness she endured or all the unpleasant symptoms that come with being pregnant – all she truly wanted was to become a mother.

As she watched her baby bump slowly grow every single week, her own protective, loving feelings for her son grew, too.

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Excited for her son’s arrival, Valeria prepared for him in advance, as most expecting parents do.

She went on several shopping sprees to stock up on clothes, toys, and supplies for her baby.

She created a perfect bedroom and nursery for him, and even spent days looking for the perfect crib.

All the while, she could feel him kicking, and she loved how jumpy he seemed to be.

But then, a few weeks before she was due to give birth, she stopped feeling any kicks.

Concerned, she went to her doctor and underwent a few tests. The results pulled the ground out from under her feet.

Her beautiful son, Noah, had passed away in the womb.

Valerie gave birth to him and held him as she cried, and she mourned him for months and months.

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For nearly a year, Valerie was unable to let her son go.

Whenever she woke up and saw the gorgeously decorated bedroom complete with the little crib just for him, she would break down and cry.

It took a long time for Valerie to grieve and begin her journey to healing. When she was finally ready, though, she knew it was time to slowly let go.

Valerie decided to hold a yard sale to sell off all the items she’d purchased for Noah.

One of the items she put up for sale was the beautifully made crib, even though she wasn’t quite ready to part with it. Still, she knew she had to let it go.

It sold successfully, too, to a man named Gerald and his wife. Gerald was a big fan of woodwork and thought the crib would be wonderful for his work.

Meanwhile, his wife got to chatting with Valerie, and she found out the story behind everything she was selling – unused baby items left untouched since her son’s passing.

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Gerald’s wife told him about Valerie’s story, and the tale touched his heart.

He quickly realized that the crib had to be returned to Valerie, but in a way that would serve as a commemoration instead of a painful reminder.

So he redesigned and reworked the chair, turning it into a stunning chair that she could use.

When Valerie was gifted the chair, she was brought to tears.

Though her journey to healing has been rocky, it is people like Gerald and his wife, with their kindness and love, that make her realize she’s going to be okay.

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