Polyamorous Woman

Recently there has been an increase in support and awareness for the LGBT+ community.

This has been, frankly, a great thing for many people to learn more about themselves and others.

In fact, it has resulted in large swathes of people finally being able to accept and love themselves.

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This is because the ability to identify and place oneself on the sexuality and romantic spectrum helps with the sense of belonging to a community.

After all, no one likes feeling ostracised. Among the things that have changed since this sexuality and romantic revolution is the way people approach relationships.

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Monogamy – where a romantic relationship is restricted to only two partners – is often thought of as the default, and has been since the Victorian era.

This is likely due in part to the Christian values – where monogamy is prized – that have been enforced upon most of the world.

This was usually done via historical Christian conquest or Victorian colonisation.

You will find that this sort of exclusiveness was much more lax or nonexistent in many parts of the world prior to British colonisation and the spread of Christianity.

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As anyone can tell you, however, we are all very different, with different needs and tastes.

Just look at the popularity of custom-made, unique handmade items as a great example!

As such, this sort of black-and-white, cookie-cutter approach to something as important as a lifelong partner doesn’t work with just anyone.

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This was something Mary Crumpton found out about herself at the age of 29.

Crumpton, a teacher, is polyamorous – meaning she is happiest in a relationship with multiple other people.

As of present, this teacher not only has a husband, she also has another fiancé and two more boyfriends.

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Initially, the thought of polyamory had not crossed Crumpton’s mind, as she had been raised in a relatively conventional family.

After her first marriage dissolved, Crompton and her then-partner were then first introduced to the concept of polyamory after meeting a polyamorous person in a pub.

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As the both of them were curious, they agreed as a couple to try this sort of open relationship.

Both of them soon ended up with several other partners, and found the experience something that was natural to them.

Additionally, it fulfilled them in a way that monogamy never could. Since then, the two have parted ways, but remain good friends.

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Although Crompton has received plenty of opposition and flak for her lifestyle, she remains steadfast in her belief that this is what truly fulfills her and makes her happy.

Polyamory is so much more than simply having multiple partners as well.

It is having several people in a close, romantic relationship – which means that the troubles and difficulties you would find in a monogamous relationship are still present.

Only, now it is amplified as you have to collaborate and work with multiple people at once!

In other words, handling a polyamorous relationship can be incredibly challenging simply from just how much clear and open communication such a relationship necessitates between every single partner involved.

However, it can also be a rewarding one for those who find this sort of relationship natural.

It is lovely to see Crompton being able to feel satisfied and fulfilled!

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