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Trampolines are a lot of fun, and many, many kids around the world would be absolutely thrilled to own one, or even just to play on one for a little while.

That’s what makes these items such popular gifts from parents to their children – after all, moms and dads just want their kids to have fun!

But according to pediatricians, these seemingly harmless fun products are incredibly dangerous to young kids.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something a lot of people seem to know. This is exactly why most public fun parks don’t have these trampolines, while many backyards are fitted with one.

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So why are trampolines so dangerous?

These items are often very large, and the jumping force created by them can be too harsh for very young children and their still-growing, fragile frames.

In fact, from the year 2010 up to 2014, doctors in emergency rooms reportedly treated more than a shocking 91,000 injuries caused by trampolines.

This is why the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatrics are so adamant that children younger than six years old are kept away from these devices.

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Colton, who is three years old, sadly learned this lesson the hard way.

His mother Kait has shared his story and the accident that befell him at a trampoline park, hoping that telling the tale will educate other parents and raise awareness about the dangers of trampolines for toddlers.

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Colton was enjoying his day at a trampoline park, jumping next to his parents, when he fell and broke his femur – which is the strongest and most resilient bone in the body.

Being only 3 years of age, his body was not equipped to safely handle repeated pressure and force caused by the repetitive jumping.

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Kait had no idea that this was dangerous, and the trampoline park in question hadn’t said anything about age restrictions.

As such, she and her partner were beyond shocked when they were informed of the hazards of trampolines by their pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

On top of that, the damage that Colton sustained was severe, and he would have to be confined to the hospital for some time. The family’s world seemed to flip upside down.

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Now, Colton is working to adjust to the use of his hip spica cast, which he will have to wear and live with for around six weeks.

It’s certainly not an easy life adjustment, but he’s a young, strong boy, and he’s likely to make a full recovery with patience and care!

Meanwhile, Kait has been sharing the family’s experience with everyone she knows in hopes that parents will be made aware of the right age for their children to use trampolines.

This is especially important, as many trampoline parks and similar facilities advertise their services and activities as great for toddlers when the truth is anything but.

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For slightly older children aged 6 and above, care and caution should still be exerted on trampolines.

Constant adult supervision is necessary and these children should jump one and a time, without doing any fancy acrobatic tricks!

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