travolta grease dance moves

If you’ve seen “Grease,” then you know that John Travolta has quite a few moves whether he’s jiving on the dance floor or slow-dancing with the woman he loves.

The movie was popular in the 1980s, a decade when dancing came alive. This was also a decade with bright colors and fun clothes.

While on the show, Travolta portrayed Danny Zuko. He fell in love with his dear Sandy, but she ended up going back home to Australia at the end of summer.

This meant that Danny was a free man when he started his senior year, a time that was showcased by a song and dance.

Sandy soon started attending the same school as Danny because her parents moved back to the United States.

After several months of football games, special events, and a few heartbreaks, Danny and Sandy realize that they do love each other.

They professed their love at the school’s carnival when they both dressed in black clothes and sang “You’re The One I Want” while dancing through a fun-house and riding a few rides.

John travolta grease dance movesIt’s been about 40 years Travolta astounded viewers with his moves.

However, he showed everyone on an episode of Jimmy Falon’s television show that he can still dance with the best of them.

Since he likely dances and sings the same song numerous times a year, Travolta looks like he just stepped off the movie set as each movement is precise on the stage.

John travolta grease dance moves

“Grease” is a movie that still relates to teenagers.

There are still groups of girls and boys who stick together as well as the students who feel different from everyone else.

There’s also the fun and drama that school is all about and that Travolta puts into words while he’s dancing.