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At some point, just about everyone would have had a bottle or two of Vicks Vaporub in their medicinal cabinet.

What you may not know is that the topical ointment is capable of so much more than just combating sinus issues and body aches!

Read our list to find out more.

1) Train Pets

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Leave some ointment where you don’t want them to relieve themselves. It even works in discouraging your cats from scratching furniture!

2) Foot Care

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Apply a layer of this stuff to your cracked heels and leave it on overnight.

The next morning, wash it off with cold water, give it a scrub, and voila! Heels that look as good as new!

3) Fade Fine Lines And Wrinkles

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Apply it onto your targeted areas at least once a day, and in a few weeks you’ll notice that these unwanted lines will have disappeared.

4) Heal Bruises

Image Credit: Charli Lopez – Flickr

Mix the ointment with some salt and gently massage it in.

It will reduce the swelling, and soon your bruise will disappear!

5) Reduce Acne

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Spot treat your pimples or acne with Vicks just before you head to bed, then in the morning, wash your face clean. Rinse and repeat for a few days.

6) Ease Earaches

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Put a small amount onto a cotton ball and leaving it in your ear for a few hours.

Not only will it help reduce the pain, but it can assist in fighting off any possible ear infection.

7) Heal Small Cuts

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Apply some of this ointment on your cuts to help it heal faster and ease pain.

8) Cure Toenail Fungus

Image Credit: Anniina Rutanen – Flickr

Simply apply the ointment on the affected nail and then put on a clean sock.

Do this until the nail grows out, then clip away the infected part.

9) Oil Door Hinges

Image Credit: Pixabay

Replace any oil or lubricant with VapoRub and enjoy both smooth hinges and that pleasant scent!

10) Repel Mosquitoes

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Apply a thin layer on any exposed skin to repel any insects.

If already bitten, the antiseptic properties will soothe the bite and prevent infection.

11) Induce Crying

Image Credit: Pixabay

Apply a small amount under the eye that has a foreign object in it to induce crying.

This way, you can wash out the object with your tears instead of rubbing your eyes and damaging your cornea.

12) Burn Fat

Image Credit: Pixabay

Mix Vaporub with camphor, baking soda, and some alcohol to create a fat-burning cream.

13) Relieve Headaches

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For a minute or two, rub a pea-sized amount of VapoRub gently onto your forehead and temples.

For best results, turn off the lights and place a towel over your forehead for 30 minutes after application.

14) Relieve Sore Muscles

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Massage an adequate amount into your sore muscles. If this isn’t enough, wrap the muscle with an elastic bandage or a towel. Ensure that it isn’t too tight or loose.

15) Freshen Up Your Living Space

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Add a small amount to your humidifier to eliminate bad odours.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what Vicks VapoRub can do for you either – give this stuff a try before committing to paying for solutions!

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