woman shoots boyfriend snoring

Lorie Morin, a 47-year old woman in Coco Beach, Florida, is being charged with shooting her live-in boyfriend in their mobile home residence on Emerald Lake Drive, just west of Sharpes Lake, over a dispute about his loud snoring.

The incident occurred about 10:20 on the night of Wednesday, March 6th.

The woman’s initial story to the police was that she was handing the gun to her boyfriend and it went off accidentally. Her boyfriend corroborated her story at first.

However, when he was questioned by police the next day at the Holmes Regional Medical Center’s intensive care wing in Melbourne to where he was airlifted to be treated for his armpit wound from Morin’s 20-gauge shotgun, he revealed to them that he and Morin had been arguing prior to the shooting.

Lorie Morin

According to his sworn affidavit, she followed him into the master bedroom with the gun and fired.

This later story included the information that Morin had elbowed him for his snoring hours earlier, in the morning of the same day.

The boyfriend-girlfriend relationship was not a lengthy one, only a matter of three weeks or so.

She and boyfriend, Brett Allgood, had been drinking Captain Morgan rum prior to the incident.

The rum was one of the items Allgood brought to the residence earlier in the day on Wednesday, along with breathing strips, to alleviate the snoring problem which had been a source of contention.

The formal charges Morin faces are attempted murder and aggravated battery.

There is no bond set for Morin, and she remains in Brevard County Jail until her court date which is set for Tuesday, April 9th.

Allgood is now in stable condition.