pit bull saves little girl

It is a sad reality that pit bulls are often given a bad reputation. Many of those who own these majestic dogs know that this reputation is undeserved.

Nana Chaichanhda knows first-hand that the loyalty of a pit bull to its loving family cannot be disputed.

Nana’s family escaped serious harm when the family pet Sasha alerted Nana to a potentially deadly situation.

The night in question wasn’t that different from most.

Nana usually lets the eight-month-old Sasha stay in the house, but on this night the pup was allowed to sleep outside the apartment complex where Nana lives with her seven-month-old daughter.

When Sasha began to thump and bang against the door in the night, Nana did not know what had the pit bull so perturbed.

Sasha’s incessant barking was not like her, so Nana decided to check on the pup.

pit bull saves little girlWhat she discovered outside was terrifying.

A fire was raging through the group of dwellings near to Nana’s home. The inferno was spreading and would soon reach Nana’s complex.

Sasha was very anxious, and Nana tried to calm the pup to no avail. It was then that the dog bolted for the room where Nana’s daughter was asleep.

Sasha grabbed the young baby by her diaper and pulled her off the bed in which she was sleeping.

Once the child was on the floor, the pit bull continued to tug at the diaper in an effort to drag young Masailah to safety.

Nana saw what the dog was trying to do and grabbed her daughter. Mother, daughter, and pet then fled the house to the safety of a nearby neighbor’s home.

pit bull saves little girlThe neighbors called the authorities to summon help.

Thanks to the actions of Sasha the residents of the neighborhood were able to get out of their homes safely while firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze.

For Nana, this was a night that she will never forget. It is also a night that showed her how loving and devoted a pit bull can be.

This breed has been forced into dog fighting by terrible human beings who do not understand the gentle heart that these dogs possess.

Sasha is living proof that pit bulls raised in a loving environment pose no harm to their owners or others.

There are many stories that exist regarding pit bull loyalty and devotion.

There can be no doubt that Sasha was actively involved in protecting those that she cares most about.

It is also noteworthy that Sasha devoted her rescue efforts to the smallest member of the family. Clearly, Sasha understood that the baby was unable to protect herself from harm.

Nana later revealed that the pit bull puppy and her daughter were born just a few days apart.

Perhaps the two of them share some special type of bond that only they can understand.

What is known for sure is that someday Masailah will know the story of how Sasha possibly prevented a tragedy with her heroic and unselfish efforts to save the family.

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